Welcome! Following on from our 1st collaborative project ReSense which we developed at BNMI - Banff

Monday, September 20, 2010


FLAP explores a more intimate landscape – the landscape of our everyday lives. It asks us to think about the smells that we take for granted in our homes and provides us with a multi-sensory re-visioning of the very humble sock.
FLAP brings two of our individual projects together. It draws on Raewyn’s “PLUME” project, an olfactory investigation, created with Richard Newcomb, a molecular biologist. “Crossing Wires”, the resulting exhibition allowed members of the public to have their socks distilled and encounter science in a new and exciting way. www.crossingwireslab.tumblr.com
Diana’s project, “AUDIO QUILT” was an interactive work reflecting community in a new way using sound and voice. The community’s voices were ‘sewn together in an auditory quilt, allowing them to experience themselves through a different channel, and revealing aspects of their lives and reflecting their community.

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