Welcome! Following on from our 1st collaborative project ReSense which we developed at BNMI - Banff

Thursday, September 30, 2010



Sweatshirt is a work in progress which we intend to develop during the residency followed by a performance.
The whole of nature is communicating, exchanging information with smell and chemical compounds, constituting an ocean of olfactory information. Could we better understand our times if we could navigate the past 8 years by smell? Sweatshirt questions the effect of fine perfumes made for love and happiness on human behaviour, and the cyphers of perfumes created for love since 2001.
We will create a veil of fragrance that is emitted via electronic circuitry and that will be sequentially added to over the course of a choregraphed walk through the space.
Each of the perfumes are added sequentially to a specially created fragrance- emitting costume. The dancer/performer becomes a transport for the 35 categorised perfumes.

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